Women Empowerment

Women – Convert your 10k into 300k monthly turnover with us

Women Empowerment
In today’s India, women and girls have to fight for their status and respect. Even in Tire 1 and 2 cities, you will find the same scenario. Like in rural India, we can observe that homemakers are also part of daily earnings. But, they are still far behind in the status quo. It is impossible to build “Aatm Nirbhar Bharat” unless our Mothers and Sisters lead and are part of the Entrepreneurial Journey.
Today’s India doesn’t need just a few empires or companies of more than 10000 Cr. India needs to build and drive the ecosystem where an individual with the spirit and zeal to develop the micro-company and should be able to sustain and grow. We need more than 20 Corer such micro-companies to build Aatm Nirbhar Bharat. Aatma Nirbharta can be achieved by providing opportunities and extending the helping hand of corporate to our mothers and sisters residing in the city, village or any other location. There is no need to drive the slogan Women Empowerment. Rather than a motto, it is time for us to put it into action. Let action speak louder than the slogan.
Unfortunately, today, a massive community refrains from doing business. Even the announcement and leverage of INR 20 Lacs Crore Financial help to MSME fails to develop the cadre of ENTREPRENEURES. But, we cannot leave everything to the Government. The Government shall help only those who help themselves first. We at “Zesty Vibe” have committed to building 1 million micros/individual Ladies Entrepreneurs who are self-dependent and self-reliant by the 31st December 2027. We have started our journey from our own PUNE, MAHARASHTRA – the city of knowledge, culture, wisdom and tradition.
Just be true to yourself and answer the below questions –
1) Do you want to be self-dependent?
2) Are you committed to your growth?
3) Are you ready to start your retail chain?
4) Are you able to socialize within your group and community?
5) Are you ready to run a business from your home?
6) Are you prepared to invest INR 10,000/- for a monthly turnover of INR 3 Lacs at the start and earn exponentially?
If the answers to the above, all questions are YES, then do get in touch with us at +91-9209005925 or write us at ‘admin@zestyvibe.com.’ We are driving the event, and our registration for the same scheme shall start on 1st June 2022 and remain open till 15th July 2022. We have only 50 seats for Pune city. Submit the essay on “Why a company should invest INR 3,00,000/- for your monthly turnover?”. The word count should be in the range of 800 to 1200 words.
NOTE: – Only our mothers and sisters above the age of 18 years as of today and resident of Pune are eligible. You must have your Adhar Card, PAN card, a Passport Size Photograph, a SMART cell phone, and a bank account (even a Jan Dhan account shall work for this scheme)
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