Milk & Jaggery

Milk & Jaggery

The best way for weight loss is to avoid intake of accessive sugar. You can replace your sugar with ORGANIC Jaggery (Gud, Gur). There are numerous health benefits of Jaggery. 

We all are continuous of our health and as well as for our look (beauty). Make yourself habitual of taking a glass of Milk with Jaggery every day. We take milk to have more calcium and to make our bone stronger. You will be more benefitted if you can replace Sugar with Jaggery from your milk glass. Jaggery purifies our blood, and it improves our digestion. It also reduces joint pains if you consume Jaggery with a fresh piece of ginger. 

  1. Jaggery helps in purification of blood by enhancing the haemoglobin count and boosts immunity. 
  2. Jaggery stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes and converts them into acetic acid in the stomach, which finally speeds up the digestion process. It provides relief from intestinal worms and constipation. 
  3. When consumed with milk, it reduces joints pain.
  4. Regular consumption of Jaggery makes the skin wrinkle-free and cures problems of pimple and acne.
  5. During pregnancy, it prevents anaemia as it maintains the level of red blood cells. 
  6. Jaggery also addresses various menstrual problems among women by providing relief from stomach pain during periods.
  7. Jaggery, mixed with amla powder, enhances the quality and quantity of semen, reduce weakness, and treats urinary disorders among men.
  8. Jaggery improves metabolism and thus aids in weight loss.
  9. Consuming Jaggery Tea is a good habit. Jaggery has fewer calories and sucrose than white sugar. It is a good source of iron. 

Stay tuned, very soon you will have ORGANIC JAGGERY at your doorstep. 

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