Alphanso Mangos

Alphanso Mangoes from Ratnagiri

Alphonso Mango

A Portuguese General Afonso De Albuquerque introduced grafting on mango trees. He brought and produced ALPHONSO mango in Goa by grafting method. Alphonso is seasonal fruit available from mid-April to the end of June. Generally, Alphonso Mango weighs in between 150 to 320 grams (5.3 to 11.28 oz).

Mangos are rich, creamy, and delicate juicy pulp of saffron-colour. Price of Alphonso Mango varies based on region, fragrance, colour, texture, size, flesh weight, fruit weight, most crucial growing and ripening method. Due to high demand in the domestic and international market, greedy producers and traders have compromised on the health and have adopted chemicals to grow and ripe.

You can easily identify Chemically Ripened Alphonso Mango. They produce a stiff and non-aromatic smell. They were uniformly yellow coloured, they look and feel firm, wrinkled and yet green means they were harvested immature. Whereas naturally grown and ripened mangos show a gradient in yellow and green colour. They look and feel soft. The sweet and robust aroma feels from a distance. They should not show wrinkles if riped naturally. However, the over ripped mangos have wrinkles.

Zesty Vibe is proud to bring naturally grown Alphanso Mango from the land of Ratnagiri and Devgadh at your doorstep. Our farmers have refrained from any Chemical usages. Zesty Vibe’s Mangos are Chemical free and free from any type of health hazard.